Post Whitelist Announcement
TN Lee

Hi TN, sorry for insisting on the topic, but I find my situation very unfair. The whitelisting was initially available via multiple channels, the easiest option for English speaking investors being the registration via Slack. Because of the huge interest generated by this ICO, the invitation limit on Slack was reached on August 20, 5 days prior to the initial deadline, and it was decided to close the whitelisting period earlier. I am fine with this.

As a result of Slack being closed, I decided to register via Telegram, which at the date I checked seemed like the only available option. Loi Luu explained in its August 16 publication that the application process for Telegram users was handled by Finden Capital. After having successfully registered to Telegram (@Gaetaa) and joined the official Group (@Kybernetwork), I submitted my application for the whitelist on Finden Capital website prior to the revised August 22 deadline. I am very frustrated to read that, despite acting in good faith, following the instructions published on the August 16 publication and meeting the deadline, I was not able to successfully register to the whitelist. All of this because apparently I haven’t joined the correct Kyber Telegram group (joined @kybertelegram instead of @kyberkorea).

I understand that planning and executing a fair and efficient ICO process is difficult, and that there will always be people complaining, but I would have hoped for a better communication on the pre-requisite for registering via Finden Capital. Other peers are facing the exact same situation as I do (submitted application via Finden, but joined the wrong Telegram group) and feeling very frustrated (Telegram IDs: @Mamiji, @Aaaversano, @sixtinea and @alisiga). It would be great if you could let us into the whitelist.

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