Waking Up, After 75 Years In America

For most of my life, I have watched the Politicians run this Country, and have been both amused and amazed by the process.

Over a period of time, beginning in the mid-to-late 70's, I have observed the rights of American citizens dissolve into the puddle of slag we all now stand in…it’s a pretty, many-colored mess and slippery…watch your step.

I have watched in amazement our right to personal privacy (along with habeas corpus) go down the tube…. Bush2 pushing the Patriot Act through a legislature panicked by 911….knowing that they were Damaging My Country….but feeling helpless to be able to have any effect on the process.

Before that I was amused (along with the rest of the planet) as I observed the hilarious dance around the impeaching of Bill Clinton for the same moral offense that led to the resignation of 3 speakers of the House in turn, one after the other, until the last Speaker called on Clinton to emulate him during His resignation speech on the floor of the House.

Politics in America amused, entertained, frustrated, and infuriated me….A phenomenon to be observed, but I felt I had no ability to affect the process . Like a lot of us, I suspect, I felt dis-connected and baffled by politics. I was vitally interested, but there didn’t seem to be anything I could do, just me, about it. Then, personal computers came on the scene. The internet was born as a plaything for the masses….and We Became Aware….

A wonderful thing began to develop which would literally change the way the whole world worked. The internet became a global information nexus, not just for the powerful, but for everybody who had access and a curiosity about anything….As time went by, I watched in wonder as the Web became the Planetary Encyclopedia, and much more. It was there, if you looked.

So: Some things need answers in American politics….How does “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” morph into a member of the Ruling Class so powerful that they can ignore the public that elected them, so corrupt that they can promote lies with sanctimonious conviction in the Halls of my Government to the callous disdain and detriment of millions they profess to serve?

Elected representatives and senators make so much money while in office that they are able to literally found Dynasties in their home state when they retire, and send their surrogates to Washington in their turn. And so it goes, corruption worn as patriotism by the unworthy, on into our future….

We do have an aristocracy of wealth in this country, with a long line of eager applicants waiting to become their tools in our government. It Sucks.

Once in a very great while, a person stands up in the mass of us, and declares, “this is not fair”…and at the right, golden, time… they are heard.

Such a situation confronts us now. Enormous power and influence is working in incredibly devious ways to influence the coming election.

Opposing this is One Gallant Old Man, trying to wake up the comatose mass of us to the fact that <It’s Not Too Late> ….It’s working! Look at the numbers of people turning out to hear Bernie Sanders message.

We can do this, you know?

Right Now we have a chance to take charge of our own destinies, and have a profound affect on this Country, and the World, at a time most perilous.

This is Our Time…the Ordinary Americans. What will we do?

There is so much at stake in the coming presidential election that it takes one’s breath away…the Republican party is marketing a mass of hungry egos to choose from, led by a businessman who has become the poster-child for questionable ethics (who brags during the republican debate that he has bribed many of those on stage with him) whose message resonates with the worst of us….none of the others offered in this mess is any better, just not as loud and offensive. In fact, most of the others are much worse. Really….

It should be easy…but you know it won’t be. We will be bombarded by spurious adds and carefully crafted dis-information, as we are now with the blatantly false “video expose’ of Planned Parenthood today.

They are ready to spend a billion dollars, stolen from us to begin with, to ensure that they stay in power. They use your Religion to manipulate you, make you believe your Beliefs are in Peril. Really they never were…This is a drum they beat constantly, because it works. They have total command of our media. Because they own it. But We have this tool…the internet.

It’s my belief that this election will be won, or lost, on the internet.

They have influenced the highest court in the land to rule in their favor in order to be able to openly buy this election. They want to own us. Their elected agents, Congressmen and Senators, are certain they can lie and manipulate us with total impunity, cloaked in the dignity and power of their positons. Positions we were persuaded to elect them to.

There is a chance, if we but have the courage of the Gallant Old Man who stands alone ….Honest and Not For Sale….Fighting for Us.

Please take the opportunity Bernie Sanders is laying before us and Do.

There is no try…only Do. Vote your conscience in 2016, in your local and national elections…Take the trouble to investigate; learn the truth, it’s right here on the web, if you look for it…Do not let this Opportunity slip through our fingers…we may never see another. It’s literally now or never.

We Owe This To Our Kids.

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