Online Dating — Why I Created A Fake Profile and Regretted It!

At the start of April this year I found myself in a rather heated discussion with a group of friends about online dating.

I could never see it working due to human nature being what it is. My experience of dealing with a large amount of customer emails meant I saw the worst in people. Most people change their personality once they are behind a keyboard, to me a dating site would breed a male who ended up a cross between a sex pest and a keyboard warrior!

To prove a point one Sunday morning at the start of April this year whilst with the same friends I created a fake female profile on a free dating site (Plenty of Fish). The female in question was 48 years old, based in the UK, the photos used were taken from another user in the USA (apologies to that person) and a profile was written that stated she didn’t want to jump into a fully blown relationship straight away but did want to date. It also made it clear that the profile may not be exactly what it appeared to be. The agreement with my mates was that no interaction was allowed with any of the guys who emailed.

Here is the profile:

Just Looking Gem was created! (Just like Weird Science but without the need to put bra’s on our heads!)

By midday it was clear just how popular the profile was, with a few hundred messages received within two hours. So we decided for one person to answer the messages just to see how desperate some of the ‘applicants’ were, with the proviso that they weren’t encouraged to type filth. Before I give you some random facts and figures on the messages, here is a typical example of one sent by the user ; lastxmasigaveyoumyheart (His profile is publicly view able, click and have a look) he is still an active user and according to his profile looking for love / dating.

And here is a snippet of the conversation he had with what he thought to be a 40 year old woman who he had never met before.

MR BOND! ! ! ! !!

The conversation ended pretty abruptly when we explained who he was talking to, by this time a group of twenty were watching what we were doing! He was also the first person (of many) to report our account for not being genuine.

The account was finally deleted by PoF around 10pm the same day (no noticed just suddenly logged out and refused re-entry). In that time we had dealt with over 1000 messages. Over 450 of those contained messages from guys who just wanted sex and nothing more. The majority were badly written txt spk, single word greetings. Some messages did indeed make us laugh and wince in equal measures, like the one from the 19 year old who promised, “The f@@@ of a lifetime” but he had to wait for his mom to come back before he could leave the house or how about the one from the guy who was so desperate for sex that he was willing to nip out, “While the Mrs is in the shower!”

You could argue that there is nothing the matter with any of this as you should sort of expect it on a dating site. But think of the bigger picture. This interaction was with one female user, over one day, in one area.

How many active users does an average dating site have?

That’s an awful lot of men looking for sex and a massive amount of women being targeted, which is shocking behaviour.

Then also consider this, the guys I was sitting with started to use the info from the messages to see what they could find out about the people. In this day and age it was pretty easy to find a lot of information about them. At least twenty of the men were still married (most forgot to mention that though), we found full names, addresses, work details, phone numbers and social media accounts for over 50 of them and of course public photos!

I feel that I am supposed to end the article with an deep insightful, one or two sentence summation about the key points I learnt during the day. I simply can’t, I have no idea where to start, I was glad when Justlookinggem got deleted to be honest. I felt unclean and depressed by the end of it.

I certainly haven’t changed my thoughts about online dating.

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