How to meet more friends with GaGa

Step 1:search GaGa in Google play or App store and download;

Step 2:start GaGa,choose the gender(cann’t modify once chosen)

Step 3:choose on language familiar to you.

Congratulation! you have enter GaGa, next, to improve your info( if you want to attract more beauty or handsome boy)

First:click the bottom: “me”;

Second:click the head line:”the finish degree of your profiles is less than 80%” , and enter the profile page;

Third:Upload your real avatar to attract more attention(take a photo or select from photos);

Fourth:input your personal signature to tell your friends what you want;

Fifth:now, change a unique nickname to let more people remember you;

Sixth:select your vocation(of course, you can input your occupation)

Seventh:don’t forget to change your age;

Eighth:input your height and weight and show your good figure to more people;

Ninth:choose your country;

Tenth:select your hobby;

Ok, that is all,your profiles is 100%.

Next, you can choose the people you like to make friends with them and chat with him/her.

Of course, If you have any question about GaGa, please tell me, learn from each other.

Come on, create your own international close friends circle.