Favorite Nature Spots In North Texas

Gagandeep Baidwan
Oct 15 · 2 min read

Texas is a diverse state culturally, and nature wise. From the northernmost to the southernmost corner, anyone will be stunned by the variety in beauty. Even I am, as a Texas native — though the north of the state is where my heart really lies. Here are my favorite nature spots in northern Texas.

Cedar Ridge Preserve Bridge

There are so many gorgeous sights to see at Cedar Ridge. Creeks, hills, and lush wildlife can all be found here. The 600 acre nature preserve offers 9 miles of hiking trails.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

Oak Cliff is 121 acres of gorgeous wildflower meadows and woodlands. The hiking is great here, but definitely come for the biking scene. There is a great community of bikers here.

Wichita Falls

As a Wichita Falls native, obviously Wichita Falls has to be on my list. Even though the falls themselves are man-made, it comes off the Wichita River and is a lovely sight to see.

Gagandeep Baidwan

Written by

Man from Wichita Fall, Texas, who loves nature and the Dallas Cowboys!

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