Have come this far

I have confessed my love, I have gotten empathy in return.

I have said — No to a puppy, Yes to an ex, Why to an elder, How to someone too young.

I have hung on, I have let go, I have moved on, I have catch-en up.

I have sucked up, I have let down,I have stood back up, I have turned down.

I have spoken up, I have slowed down, I have stepped up, I have climbed up, I have closed down, I have shut down.

I have fallen down, I have lied down, I have broken up, I have risen up. I have gotten up.

I have fought hard and won, Lost someone who I thought was the one, I have learnt something new, I have discarded something old.

Moments were few, But I have been bold

I have accepted someone different, I have been irreverent, I have been a cupidI have also been stupid.

Life is full of hard things to do, but the hardest is still, to have nothing to do

And I haven’t come this far, Just to come this far!!!