Can there be another FB, Whatsapp or LinkedIn etc.?

What problem does Facebook solve? Why do we use Whatsapp daily? What makes us go to LinkedIn?

I have been trying to understand what makes these consumer internet platforms the giants they are. After two years of working in the space, I have realised that one particular thing is common to all of these consumer internet giants.

They feed on how we live and not on what problems we face.

Everyday, each one of us lives 5 different lives:

  1. A life with friends
  2. A life at work
  3. A life with the significant other- dating and relationships, and
  4. A life with family
  5. A life we live for ourselves- our space

Our day to day activities add to one or more of these lives. With the advent of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp, a digital universe has been created where we live with our digital identities in parallel to our physical being.

Here’s how our digital lives are distributed over these platforms:

  1. Life with friends- Facebook + WhatsApp
  2. Life at work- LinkedIn(Networking & Job Search)+ Slack (Communication at Work)+ A platform where we actually work (Currently a digital platform is missing)
  3. Life with spouse- Tinder + WhatsApp + Calls
  4. Life with family- Calls + No major platform (for actual time spent with family)
  5. Life we live for ourselves- Games + Health Apps + Reading Apps
Every major consumer internet platform replicates some part of our lives in the digital universe. The key is how natural and easy it is to replicate it on the platform.

It is really easy to make friends on Facebook, start networking with other working professionals on LinkedIn. Chatting with a friend or a date on Whatsapp is as natural as it gets. You can see when the other person is speaking (typing), whether what you said has been listened to (double ticks) or not.

So Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, all of these may not solve any problem in particular. But all of these allow us to do activities that are very natural to us in our lives on the internet.

I believe there is still a lot of scope to replicate how we spend time with our family, how we work and how we grow more in our lives. Hoping for some cool platforms to be built in those spaces.

Do share what you think about this in responses.