The best password manager for Mobiles, Mac, Windows and Linux is OpenSource


No expensive subscription but have your passwords synchronized on all your devices and securely stored. Yes for free. Yes for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…

Keepass for Windows and Linux

Keepass is a free and open-source app but also an encrypted database format.

Keepass is for Linux and Windows. But because the database format is open there are clients and browser plugin for MacOS, Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome,

The database is a simple encrypted file. I store it on DropBox to share it with all my devices. (This file does have a specific format to avoid possible conflict, for example when two devices modify the files at the same time.)

MacPass for MacOS

MacPass is the best password manager for MacOS and it’s a keepass database client.


While on your browser, you can use auto-type to select and enter the password. For auto-type to works best you can use on Firefox.

Using auto-type is super secure, their is no link between your browser and your password manager.

It also works outside browser, for example to enter a password on your email client.

Browser plugin

If you prefer to use a plugin (I don’t), you can install HTTP plugin and

No RPC plugin yet, therefore you can’t use yet.

Import passwords

Mac users can also use the KeePassXC multi-platform client. It is mainly useful to import your passwords from LastPass/Dashlane or any other application that can export a CSV and save it in a keypass database.

MacPass do not have an import features yet, so if you want to migrate from another service, you will certainly want to install KeePassXC and then switch to MacPass.


For android you have the amazing app keepass2android that can load the database file you saved in your dropbox.

Firefox and Chrome plugin

Keefox or Keepass helpers let you access and save passwords directly from your browser.

They require to activate KeePassHTTP server in KeePassXC’s preferences:

Why change?

I was using LastPass their extension was slowing down my browser by a lot. I had a similar problem with Dashlane.

Keepasss is better, I didn’t have one single bug after months using it. The browser add-on is very minimal and doesn’t automatically capture passwords but it’s stable and let me connect with one click on registered website.

But now there it is, the perfect password manager for free.

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