Why the Golden State Warriors Will Not Win the 2017 NBA Finals

Here are three reasons why I don’t think the Golden State Warriors will get through the next two series alive and win the NBA Finals this year:

1. It is very hard to win a playoff series when your opponent has the better coach, better yet arguably the greatest basketball coach of all-time.

2. It is very hard to win a playoff series when your opponent has the best player in the series, better yet one of the two greatest basketball players of all-time.

3. For a team to do both of these things in the span of two series is unprecedented.

Now I know this is the Golden State Warriors we’re talking about, who some feel is the greatest basketball team ever assembled, but I think we are crucially undervaluing the greatness of both LeBron and Pop. We have seen time and time again that they both have the uncanny ability to single-handedly determine the pace at which a basketball game is played. I know basketball is a team sport, but it’s also a unique sport as far as the degree to which individual greatness can have an overwhelming effect on a game’s outcome. And, in my eyes, no single individual has had the ability to control and dominate every aspect of a game the way that LeBron does.

A vast majority of analysts I’ve read and heard believe the Warriors will roll through the Spurs and get sweet revenge on the Cavs in the Finals, with FiveThirtyEight giving the Warriors an 80% chance to win it all this year. I call bullshit. Put some respect on LeBron and Pop’s names.