B2B Business and Mobile

Mobile is global buzz word as it continues to redefine the way we do businesses. Today there are lot of mobile-centric start-ups in consumer space which are creating “Uber for X” services or scaled up ones like Myntra are going for Mobile only business model. This growing trend in B2C space is making many Enterprise Managers to re-think about their Mobile Strategy.

Highlighting few of the aspects which might make you go full throttle on mobile front:

Don’t miss the trend

As per the latest mobile user trends, 160 million users in urban India will have mobile internet connectivity with a majority using smart phones.The uptake will continue to grow as global mobile penetration reaches 90% with a growing share of smartphone users. With decline in PC sales, and its fueling growth mobile has surpassed TVs and PCs in term of number of screens in front of customers. As more users move to smartphone across the segments, more businesses are realizing there is more to mobile strategy than mobile-friendly website as the mobile is giving you eyeballs to your application like never before.

Be Handy to the Customers

The Customers are now on move and want an easy access to all their applications on the go. Last year, as management consultant, I was working with a global conglomerate on their IT Strategy, and one of the senior executive shared his frustration with lack of mobility in current systems. He said now via email on mobile he can get notification for series of system but can’t work on them as applications like CRM are not available on mobile. So, all work has to wait for hours if he is in meetings or travelling before he reaches his laptop.

Its one of the cases, for the sales and marketing executives the need for a handy access to applications amplifies. With an app based approach, you are easily accessible to your customer at any point of time.

Enhance Customer Engagement

As for customer engagement, various tactics are employed by firms to improve the relevance and engagement levels of content delivered to subscribers, at the same time ensuring that content is personalized.

But only few are able to contextualize messages for the mobile experience, segmenting campaigns based on customer behavior and/or sales cycle, or optimizing messages for a specific OS and/or device.

Mobile devices present a more personal, one to one medium than we have ever had. People wear them, carry them and keep them next to their beds at night. Why wouldn’t you want to create a relationship through a medium that provides that kind of access? Mobility is changing us, driving new habits, altering the way we live, connect and market.

Be part of The New Normal for User Behavior

In this new mobile world, customers’ patience has plummeted while expectations for speed, accessibility and personalization of content have skyrocketed. Executives at all levels are hooked to mobile devices and check it multiple times. You can’t ignore the most popular medium


Mobile is trackable, measurable and accountable, with availability of mobile metrics to track interactive initiatives. And since many metrics — like open rates, click-through rates and number of subscribers — are available in real-time, marketers have the ability to track the progress, as well as continually optimize efforts so as to increase the success levels.

You may decide to go with trend now or not, a mobile app is going to be the business standard in the future. Its a business decision you need to take about when to board the bandwagon. More often than not aggressive and future looking outlook will take your business to next level. Whenever you decide to go mobile, ensure that customer value is central to the effort. The application needs to be optimized for mobile rather than same wine in new packaging of app. Will try to cover consideration set while designing features for mobile in next blog.

image source: www.webplanex.com