Advantages of Wombat compared to other stableswaps


Wombats pay attention to efficiency and accessibility in their own stableswap. They created algorithms to improve their experience that focused on several reasons. The first is maximizing capital utilization, as we know that some stableswaps have different terms based on token pairs, like USDT-DAI, USDT-USDT etc, but here wombat has a very unique ways to allows multiple token pairs to share liquidity. therefore users will get 1 step easy transactoin and cheap fees. second, Minimize Slippage Rates which means users will get more efficient transaction because the price are constant. third, Remove Barriers to Scalability which is unables us to provide more liquidity to the market while indirectly facilitating the adoption of new stablecoins as well. fourth, User Friendliness which means users feel easy to conduct their transactions enjoyably.

Sync with other Wombats

Still have any questions about the stableswaps on wombatexchange? Let's check on our telegram or discord community and ask for help from fellow wombat!!

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