Nice guys finish first too…..

When Wharton professor Adam Grant studied interaction between employees in organisations, he classified employees at two ends of the “reciprocity band at work”- Takers and Givers. Takers are those who like to get (a lot more) than what they give, while givers are those that are “other-focused”, who ask how can they be of any help.

Adam Grant’s study found that people at the bottom of the success ladder are mostly “givers”. Kind of matches our mental model, right? So who are the ones at the top of the success ladder-surely the takers? Well, it turns out that most of the successful employees are “givers”. Yes, givers seem to be occupying both the extreme ends of corporate success-at the bottom as well as at the top. Nice guys, it seems, do finish first.

So what differentiates the failed givers and the successful givers? Adam Grant in his book Give and Take: Why helping others drives our success delves deep into this mystery and comes up with answers that will force you to rethink on how you approach reciprocity at work. How helping others at work using the power of powerless communication can actually set you up for success, without running the risk of being a doormat.

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