Discover the World Of Gaia: The Play To Earn Fantasy Game of Your Dreams

Gaia EverWorld
4 min readOct 16, 2021

We are excited to announce Gaia Everworld, an introduction to the new generation of gaming being built on the blockchain. Like other games in the play to earn space, users retain full ownership of their characters as they engage in what we hope to be immersive, entertaining and overall enjoyable gameplay. Since play-to-earn games provide alternative economic opportunities, we aim to use this model to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry through collaboration with our partners and community.

To set the stage, a gamer’s journey will begin in the multi-region fantasy world, filled with mythical kingdoms and creatures, each being known as a Gaia. Gaia can be bred, found in the wild or purchased in the Gaia Everworld Marketplace. The player’s objective will be to level up these characters by winning battles against Gaia Legionnaires, defending their Empire or competing in missions around the Everworld. The beauty of a game that takes place on the blockchain is that as a player improves their skill, they not only become more powerful in the game, creating the strongest Legion of Gaia, but they also increase their opportunity to earn tokens.

Exploring Game Modes

We plan to introduce the world to Gaia EverWorld by launching two game modes, Battle mode, a play vs. player turn-based arena battle scenario, and Legion mode, a real-time strategy game.

In Battle Mode, players will compete to see who the best Gaia Commander is. Each player will be ranked by skill level and an associated colour grade. This will determine who they will be matched with in a battle. Additionally, a player or their opponent may wager tokens on the outcome of the fight.

Looking closer at Legion Mode, players can take advantage of opportunities to own multiple empires in different regions, which will require protection with their Legion of Gaia. Legion Mode allows players to earn tokens if they successfully defend their empires or can defeat others. Continuous success will also rank them on the leaderboard.

These two game modes will later be followed by the full MMORPG adventure game, playable in the Gaia Everworld metaverse. A metaverse combines multiple virtual worlds, providing more opportunities for players to explore their creativity. In the case of Gaia Everworld, players can build on their land, in turn, creating several additional monetization opportunities for themselves.

Regardless of the mode selected, a player’s objective will remain the same, to continue to improve the skills of their warrior Gaia so they can destroy kingdoms and be successful in battle against legions from the rest of the EverWorld.

Opportunities to Earn

The objective of each Gaia EverWorld player and their opportunities to earn are integrated closely together in gameplay. As previously mentioned, Gaia Everworld operates with the play-to-earn model, which ensures gamers are always creating something of value, which can be sold later as income. Players within this ecosystem can earn in a few different ways, including staking their tokens, earning tokenized rewards in different gaming modes, collecting and trading Gaia, or loaning their Gaia to others. Gaia can be sold for real money because they exist as NFTs, a unique ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Like other assets of this nature, Gaia NFTs can be sold for tokens, which can later be swapped for fiat on an exchange.

Each Gaia is created with different personality traits and abilities, adding to its utility and rarity. The more Gaia that a user can collect and train, the more powerful their legion, and the more likely they will conquer other regions in the EverWorld or be seen as valuable assets to collectors.

A Decentralized Future

This short introduction does not even come close to covering what we have in store for the game. As we continue to build our community, the hope is for Gaia Everworld to one day become fully decentralized so the community can retain control over developments and help to create a game that will evolve with them.

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