Do you date people who watch Netflix?

Badge of Honor

When I first noticed that so many put “binge watching Netflix” on their dating profiles that it had become a common denominator I was sad. Why? Well, take a second and imagine millions upon millions of couples tired from their day jobs, cuddling by the romantic light of Netflix in some giant glowing montage. It that a cute image of our shared humanity, or just more proof that we've all become screen junkies?

Hell, I watch Netflix or (PopcornTime) with varying frequency just as much as the next chipper millennial and sometimes with the people I'm seeing. Yet, there is a deeper part of myself that feels a huge percentage of the social and creative energy of my generation has been sucked up into these insular consumptive patterns we don’t know how to escape. When I see these same patterns plastered all over our dating profiles like badges of honor, I’m dismayed. The words have no allure, no mystery, inspire no feelings, they're simply flat, and boring. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Montana, I’m not sure, but right now I don't want pop culture to help define me -that work is coming along fine- no, I think I’d rather go camping.