Why Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center For Ayahuasca Shaman And Ayahuasca DMT?

You may find a number of reputed agencies and companies that have been offering you complete solutions for Ayahuasca shaman and Ayahuasca DMT that will surely provide you peace of mind and a way of rejuvenating your mind and body. Some of the reasons that will persuade you to visit the retreat center include, but not limited to:

  • Take a day hike to the nearby waterfall and enjoying fireflies after dusk
  • Retreat from the world in the magical Andes Mountains of Ecuador
  • Partake in the nectar of flowers, pastures and butterflies
  • Watching the Hummingbirds, forests, pastures and butterflies
  • Gazing at the Milky Way, distant planets and galaxies

In addition to this, you will also get a number of additional benefits like meeting Ayahuasca shamans and San Pedro Shamans who speak both Spanish and English fluently. The leading center is a one stop name where you will find authentic San Pedro and Ayahuasca shamans at San Pedro retreats and San Pedro Ceremonies.

You will get eco-community atmosphere on an organic farm and comfortable modern housing so that you can focus on your inner journey. There is a lot more that you will get from a selected agency.

So don’t wait for more, feel free to contact via any convenient mode of communication and get the best solutions to enjoy your holidays and retreats.