Want to eliminate waste? Then let’s eliminate prisons, too.

Via the New York Post.

Exploiting incarcerated labor in recycling systems

Left: striking sanitation worker in Memphis, Tennessee, March 1968. Photo by Bob Adelman. Right: striking sanitation worker in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Jason Kerzinski.
Incarcerated workers at the Hall County Recycling Center in Gainesville, Georgia. Photo by Scott Rogers via The Gainesville Times.

Poisoning people who are forced to live in prisons with our waste

A 2016 protest march to close Rikers Island and redirect the $208,500/year it costs to house each inmate into community resources and restorative justice programs. Via CLOSErikers.

Zero waste means zero prisons

The #8toAbolition platform builds upon the work of Black feminist theorists and liberation organizers and has been endorsed by national and local groups organizing in response to the police murder of George Floyd.

Solidarity and anti-racism: the path forward

“Becoming Anti-Racist” chart adapted by Andrew M. Ibrahim MD, MSc.



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