Use Facebook Like a Pro

They say Facebook is a productivity killer and time waster, but for many people, Facebook is a modern business tool. The network is the repository of contact information, photo and video hosting, portfolio, news feed, messaging service, customer intelligence tool and many more. I’ve seen Facebook groups used as company-wide bulletin board and even project management tool.

The amount of information in the network is overwhelming even for those misanthropes who has no online friends, and working with the content may be difficult. Luckily, there are useful tools in Facebook that make like easier.

1. Save Post and Save Link

If you are just browsing the feed and have no time to read the content right away, you can save the post of share link for later. Click on the arrow at the top right corner and save the post for later. Then come back to “Saved” menu located on the left sidebar in the future.

2. Get notifications for posts

If you want to receive updates without interacting with the post, you can always turn on notifications — using the same arrow to the top right corner.

3. Hide annoying updates

Sometimes your friends post automatic updates from their running apps or use services that publish weird content creating a lot of visual clutter in your feed. No need to unfriend them, you can Unfollow them or hide posts from a particular application or service. In your main feed, use the same arrow in the top right corner, and stop the madness.

4. Share links to posts

If you want to share a link to a post, instead of using Facebook sharing functionality or share the post outside of Facebook, you can click at the time the post was published and then copy the link from the browser navigation bar.

Note that the links may change in the future. If you want to post something that will have a permanent link — use Notes. Go to your profile, click on More and select Manage Sections. Then select Notes, click Save and then come back to your profile. Click on More again and then navigate to Notes.

5. Filter your feed

Go to your profile, select Friends and add people you would like to read to Close Friends. Then you will be able to select Close Friends section on your sidebar and read only posts from that selected group.

Facebook also creates additional friend groups based on workplace and location. You can find Friends section on the sidebar, click More and add those lists you would like to see at the top of the sidebar by clicking a little gear and selecting Add to Favorites.

You can also create custom lists, by clicking on Create List button and picking specific people.

The filter is a powerful feature that allows you to stay up-to-date with important updates. For example, you can group you clients or people related to a particular deal or project into one group and watch them carefully.

6. Find recent activity

If you interact with a post or leave a comment recently and can’t find it — you can go to Activity Log, located under the main menu (tiny little arrow on the right top of the Facebook page) and review your activity, unlike posts, or remove comments.

7. Make sure you know what people see in your profile

Go to your profile, click little button with three dots and select “View As…” menu to see how other people see your profile. Maybe you are getting so many cold calls from sales people because you are showing your cell phone number to everyone?.

Facebook can be a very much useful tool, and as with any tool, it is better to learn its little tricks.

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