R Pay Raises 15% Within the First Day of Public Token Sale

R Pay a tokenized assets platform, has successfully raised 15% during the first day of its public token sale, which means the 1stDay was quite successful step.

The core mission of Rpay is to bring greater trust and security for users to transact across the extended value chain. Rpay is one application to buy, sale and pay for retail and services. The vision of Rpay is to enable all users to pay through crypto for retail and services based on decentralized technology.

Rpay will become the smartest way to pay and transact for retail, trade, and services. It will be simpler and economical for people and it will help people improve the way they use their money and the things they can buy with it. We want people to be able to make more of their money and live the dream, literally.

R pay was started on 25th SEPT 2017, make sure to invest in this profitable ICO.

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The whitepaper can be downloaded from


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