ZARA Mobile App: UX Audit

ZARA’s mobile app could be a lot better.

The Good Part

The photography on the product pages is beautiful and showcases the product really well. This is an extremely important element of ecommerce design that they’re accomplishing.

Problem Areas

  • Drill down search is extremely limited; meaning that you are scrolling FOREVER within a category.
  • The thumbnail pics on the category pages are pretty small, making it hard to see the product while scrolling. This would be a quick fix: crop your photos.
  • (Right image) Once you’ve selected a homepage category, a list of sub-categories appear. Image shown is of blouses sub-category. Some of the pics are too small to see product well while scrolling through page. Also their is no way to further filter this sub-category that had 100’s of items!
  • (Left) Homepage has very large pics which are nice but mean that you have to scroll a long way down to find Men and Kids for example which are at the bottom. This is the only way to navigate by category since there’s no hamburger menu.
  • There’s no hamburger menu: so you are navigating catagories via large photo buttons
(Left) image of the product page where you swipe up and down to view images. (Right) is the “info” screen with product details.

I think the product page is working ok. I am not a huge fan of having the product info on a different page though. That’s not standard and I prefer the way that Zappo’s does it with everything on one screen. I also think it’s easy to miss the small “info” button at the top.

Short Term Fixes

  • Cropping their thumbnail pics
  • Combining all product info onto one page

Long Term Fixes

  • Advanced filtered search
  • Information Architecture redesign