Life is a Hula Hoop

Gail Bainbridge
Nov 7 · 2 min read

My sister bought a hula hoop recently, its one of those weighted ones that are supposed to be good exercise so obviously I decided I needed to try it out.

No surprises really — I was terrible, the average length of my ‘hooping’ was the time it took from me letting go of said hoop, and it lolloping slowly in a spiral down to the floor.

I had another go, and another go, and another go and each time it fell. The thing is I didn’t really seem to be getting any better. I’m thought about how easy this used to be as a kid — maybe they make the hoops differently now! (at least that’s what I was telling myself)

The next day I managed to spin it around myself at least 3 times before it fell — I’m eternally grateful that there were no cameras though for the flailing around I was doing trying to maintain some momentum.

After about a week or so, and without having noticed any improvement, I suddenly reached this amazing place where the hoop was spinning AND I was doing very little to keep it going. And weirdly at that moment with the stupid pink hoop rotating effortlessly around my waist I drew this comparison to life.

  1. When you start something new it requires energy and a certain amount of effort, maybe even some concentration
  2. It sometimes feels like you aren’t getting anywhere at all and you think about quitting
  3. Without rhyme or reason, other than the stubbornness you had to keep going, you start to notice that your efforts are paying off and you are gaining momentum
  4. You begin to experience a level of ease and less energy is required to maintain the momentum
  5. You start to test out how to maintain a balance between the energy you put in and the momentum you have

Here’s the thing though, at anytime you can be distracted by something else that requires energy and suddenly things grind to a halt. (Or in this case literally come crashing to the ground).

There is however no need to despair — all that’s needed is to go back to the beginning and put in a bit of energy to get things moving again. The differnce is that this time it won’t take you so long.

Right where’s that hoop?

Gail Bainbridge

Written by

Living the dream! I’ve done it I’ve sold my business, bought a motorhome & set out on an adventure to explore both me and this magnificent island I call home ❤️

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