A Generational Thing

Gail Boenning
May 16 · 1 min read
Gail Boenning 2019

Rustling forest floor debris
Hooves, not paws or feet
Her gait’s not right

She stops
Hazel eyes lock with liquid brown
Sizing options

Direction decided
She makes her move

Right rear hoof
Never touching the ground

Minutes before meeting the doe, I’d passed two teens on the asphalt path leading to wooded trails. Side by side, heads bent, four eyes locked to screens missed me and the beauty surrounding them.

What did I feel?

Disappointment first, curiosity second….

Later at the dinner table I asked, “If you were walking on the path at Fox River park and somebody was approaching from the other direction, would you look up and say hello?

“Probably not.”

Disappointment first, curiosity second….

I shared my experience from the trail. I didn’t like it…it seemed rude.

“It’s a generational thing mom. When we don’t want to engage with people, we look at our phones. I do it all the time in the halls at school.”

“They didn’t have to engage with me…just a simple hey or hello.”

Disappointment first, curiosity second….

How can we inspire looking up over looking down?

Gail Boenning

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