A Wanderer

Sharing A Meander, Recorded in Pixels — Come Along, Will You?

The October morning was drab and grey. Thick clouds hid the sun. The air, moist and heavy, was cool. Stepping onto the path, I declared this walk an exploratory venture — there’d be no rushing. I’d not been on this path since summer’s peak. Mother Nature is in the process of shedding her summer attire, recycling her bounty, and preparing for winter’s unwind.

I’d not be stopping to smell any flowers today, as they’d all gone to rest on the forest floor, but I opened my eyes to search. I’m open. What will I find?

There was a palette of color waiting to be discovered amidst the browns and greys. My ears too, were on high alert. The feathered had much to say and the occasional scurry of chipmunk or squirrel feet could be heard in the accumulating leaf clutter, and upon the tree trunks.

Want to meander a bit through a forest mixed with evergreen and deciduous charm?

Beauty shared brings me joy. C’mon.

Wisconsin hit a dry, unseasonably hot spell of weather in September. Many of the trees were stressed. Oak leaves turned brown instead of plum, and began to fall prematurely. Today’s sights caused my thoughts to amble back to days in a kindergarten classroom. I’d ask, “What season is it?” Hands would shoot up. Pick me! Pick Me! And the excited answer would come, “Fall! Because leaves fall from the trees.”
The Mighty Maple — Dressed in Autumn’s Finest Shades
Trees, both dead and alive, host life beyond their own, on their trunks and branches.
Seeds, ready to fall, nestle and rest. How many will spring to life come April or May next year? How many will nourish a mammal or feathered friend? How many will feed the ground that fed them, and made their existence possible?
1.) Red Berries — Can you find the thorn? 2.) Unknown black berries on magnificent fuchsia stem. 3.) Bramble black raspberries somehow avoided beaks and teeth — amazing.
1.) A colorful baby oak transitioning. 2.) Hickory nut, free from it’s green casing — they’re safe to eat-yum!
Pines. One bears a yellow rectangle, marking the way.
Bittersweet will forever remind me of a boy — betwixt the ages of two and five. His eyes would spy, and hands would grasp the gorgeous red/orange and yellow ‘boo-boos’.
The follower leads, at my urging. “Keep going, don’t look back. I’m coming. It’s only for the photo!”

When’s the last time you meandered? Focused on the now? Quieted your thoughts? Marveled at your surroundings?

So often we look for the secret to life. On my meander, I felt like I’d found it.

Photos of your ‘now’ moment are welcome in the comments.