Gail, I watched the movie today!
Gail, I watched the movie today!
Abhishek Labhe

Abhishek — Thank you for this!!!! I am glad that you enjoyed the movie. And — you so easily summarized it here, which I struggled to do.

A couple of things:

  • I was struck by Sheru’s abundant happiness as a young boy despite his family’s poverty. The love he had with his mother and brother was so strong. Money does not buy such things.
  • Do you think his brother Gudoo was killed by a train and that is why he did not return? Or, do you think he was hit by the train while searching for Saroo? The movie does not tell us. Maybe nobody knows. What a tragedy for the mother.
  • The statistic of eighty thousand lost children in India per year left me with many questions — not judgements. How do so many children get lost? Do many live in the streets as the movie showed?
  • I now have a visual of your daily train commute.
  • How many languages are spoken in India?

Do not feel you have to answer anything. Just my thoughts out loud.

Thank you for sharing your feelings about the movie. I appreciate it!

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