Calling All Parents:

Can You Recognize What Calls Your Children?

If you look closely at the picture above, you might be able to see the fishing rod in my son’s hands.

He was three when it began. He quite literally was hooked. He KNEW. Fishing.

We thought it was a passing infatuation, like his interest in trains. We were wrong.

For thirteen years we have encouraged & discouraged, listened and often tuned out to all things fishing.

Fish varieties, rod differences, lakes, rivers, depths, kayak, bass, boats, legends, trout, Rapala, Lund, St. Croix, Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

He knew. He found it on his own and pursued it every chance we offered. He plays along with being an acceptable student and good athlete, but his true love is fishing.

We didn’t see it in the beginning, but we do now. He wouldn’t let us not see it. A credit to his strong will.

And so, now that we recognize this fire within him, we protect it and fan the flames. We bought a boat. We take him to the tournaments. We want him to find a way to wake up every morning and do something that he loves. He will not become a doctor, lawyer, or developer. Those jobs would suck the life out of him. If he doesn’t make pro, there are many other fishing related jobs he can find to make his living.

He surprised us a couple of months back by debuting a YouTube channel called Badger State Bass. Totally caught us by surprise! He is a quiet kid with an introvert’s disposition. Who knew he could do this??

He got here not because of us, but because of him. Listen and watch closely. Is there an interest your child has which might bring them a lifetime of happiness?

If you liked my story, do not trouble yourself with the green heart. Go to YouTube and like one of my kid’s videos. That would mean a lot!