I don’t agree with these kinds of arrangements either but having been on the business side of…
Gerard Mclean

Consumerism: A double edged sword.

In this case, the jeweler, I am relatively certain he’s doing all right. Non- stop paid advertising. Just opened a new store in downtown Milwaukee advertising valet parking. I think he has the market cornered here.

I know first hand that running a profitable small business is tough. This guy has grown well beyond small.

I see this as a societal catch 22. Making and selling stuff gives people jobs. We are marketed to in our every waking moment. Some are better than others at resisting the temptation to spend beyond their needs. The governments of the world set an example of operating in debt.

I have no answers. I just know that is not how I want to live. It was drilled into me while growing up: Don’t buy it if you cannot afford it with two exceptions, vehicle and home. I took it to heart.

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