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Dear Guardian Angel,

I am going to exceed my word count here. It is a good thing crazy uncles like to read.

I read your note upon waking. Every morning I literally spring out of bed to check Medium. I’ve questioned myself extensively on the why? of that. There are several reasons I can come up with. Yes, my ego likes hearts, but that is only superficial. Yes, I like the social aspect, conversing on a global scale is pretty amazing.

I think the real driving force is that I have found I can nudge people to think. It is intoxicating. I don’t necessarily want them to think what I think, but I want them to be curious and think about what they think. Hahahaha. I want people to be curious and explore life!

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE! Nudge, poke, prod, jab, push, yell, scream. I see a parallel between where I am at with writing and where I was with xSeedingly. I see potential. I’ve done the basics. I need the next step. With xSeedingly, I needed money and a mentor. I did not find either. With writing, I only need a mentor. To this point, all of Medium has been my mentor and I have learned a lot! I am not afraid of doing the work or rejection, I just need somebody to suggest avenues to follow.

I spend time with Writer’s Market and another How to Freelance book daily. I sent off my first query letter last week — it was a little weak, but OK for the first try. I’ve submitted two pieces, the one to Reminisce and one to Electric Literature. I’ve heard nothing on either. Is it just a matter of volume and getting that one right connection?

I’m tickled that you checked out the website. It’s the last piece of the empire (ha!) to take down. It was my very first toe dip into writing. The girl who crafted the site gave me a lot of praise. She said she usually had to do people’s writing for them. That was all it took. I was hooked.

The smiling faces were supposed to come in a website update that never happened. I knew in my heart for awhile that things were coming to an end. I chose to stop investing.

Thank you for everything! Most of all, thank you for really seeing me. It means a lot.

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