Letter #31: Here are the secrets that help me stick with my habit of writing
Johnson Kee

Dear Johnson,

For a young man, your wisdom is in advance of your years. There is a lot to to be said about the correlation of success/growth and forming good habits through dedicated hard work.

I wrote my first 100 Naked Words story on May, 9. It has been almost seven months of almost daily writing. It’s been a really long time since I missed a day. In fact, most days I find myself writing more than one story. I don’t know where it is leading me, but I know it feels right.

Writing has transformed my view of myself and my view of the world. It was the right thing for me, at the right time.

Like your effort with the magazine, I tried entrepreneurship and found it was not a good fit for me. Had I enjoyed it, like I do writing, I might have devoted more time and effort to it. My chances for success would have gone up.

It wasn’t my thing, but it is what led me here. Life is not linear, but wanders, right?

To anyone giving 100 NW a try, I wish you every success and encourage you to push through the occasional bad days, I know I had my share of them.

If you find you’ve got too many bad days in a row too often, my advice would be to accept that maybe writing isn’t your thing and suggest you try something else. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve really given it a chance. Maybe writing is leading you to your next step.

Sincerest thanks to you Johnson for your efforts with this publication. I know I personally continue to benefit and have seen great growth from many of the other writers. You’re doing a great thing!


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