Dinner Anyone?

Photo Credit:Pixabay

Jaimie paid the driver and sprang from the taxi. Amy and Eric were standing under the awning of Macy’s. She hugged her lifelong friends with all the strength she could muster. It had been three months since they’d last been together.

Jaimie, Amy and Eric grew up together on Adams Street in a small Wisconsin town. They attended school together from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Every time Jaimie made the trip to Chicago, she and her friends took the evening to stroll Michigan Avenue, often ending up in front of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. Eric did a great impression of Al Bundy from the sitcom Married….With Children.

After their initial greetings, they tried to work out where to go for dinner.

Amy said, “Can we go to Gino’s East this time? I really want pizza?”

*At 100 words per increment, I am afraid this story might take me years! I’m breaking the rules again!!

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