Dave Ramsey Would Be Proud
Randomly Me

First, congratulations on the new car! I am glad it has heat.;)

Second, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to pull a Jules and ctsf this.

So many problems, but this one grates on me to no end.

Pushing credit cards onto people. Every store. Gifts, prizes, percentages off.

There is a jeweler in our state who has made a great success of himself and his diamond business.. I have a ring from his store and no lie, when I lost a diamond, he replaced it for no charge. I respect that!

What I do not respect is that he is now advertising that he works with a finance company that will lend you money even if you have bad credit. They will give you a second chance to buy the ring dreams are made of so you can start your life together in debt. All respect is now lost for him as a business owner on my part. Put some young or old kid in (more?) debt to line his pockets.

Last week I bought 12 bags of water softener salt at Home Depot. Total was around $70. The cashier told me if I signed up for the credit card, I would get $25 off my charges. $25!!!!

I almost always say no. We have only one credit card for our household. That $25 was tempting. Ok I said. Sign me up this time. Within 2 minutes they extended me a line of credit. Bam!

When the card arrived this week, I promptly cut it into tiny pieces.

I am the biggest believer in personal responsibility. You bought it, it is your responsibility to pay for it. That said, I believe that business and society are a huge part of the problem here. If you keep offering, people are going to take. Often the least able to understand the ramifications are left in debt.

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