then that’s the right answer. where’s the catch 22?

First — I can see some truth in what Putnam discusses. In 1990, I began work in an ethnically diverse, metropolitan office. As a very young woman, who grew up in a very white — small community, it was certainly eye opening and life changing. I was assigned a mentor of a different race and age. In the beginning, I think she resented the responsibility. Over time, we built rapport and trust — a bridge if you will. Once you know somebody beyond their outside labels, fear melts and trust begins. It is a process.

Our individualist tendencies are driving us apart — and instead of building, all sides are allowing bridges to disintegrate — in some cases, actively destroying them.

You ask a lot of good questions. Unlike RadioShack, I do not have any answers.

For most of my life I’ve leaned toward minding my own business. Not sure if that is right or wrong. I don’t think there is a right or wrong — just unlimited shades of grey.

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