The Crass Epoch

First, I ignored. Second, after reading BHD’s comment, I read. Third, I started a response….deleted. It has been a week or more that this dances in my thoughts. Let me explain.

I think we are contemporaries or close to it. I lived a wild and uncontrolled period from my mid to late teens. There are things laying around back there, buried. Figurative, not literal. Things I prefer to leave alone.

I changed, became James Herriott Girl. I am pretty sure my husband still wonders what happened to the girl he thought he married, although, he is part of the reason for transformation.

You, Princess Anne, have embraced your memories and bring them to life again. Your writing is exquisite even if the subject matter scares me off a bit.

When the next piece is revealed, I will dive right in.

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