“Sergeant, slap the cuffs on this miscreant poet.”
Thomas R. Barton, JD

Good morning Thomas! You are funny. Diarist is what I know, but the challenge will be to make my diary relevant and interesting.

Can she do it? Remains to be seen.

Thomas, might I ask what it is that you see in my stories to interest you? I often think they are mundane or strange (talking animals). Not sure how long you have been reading — you seem new to me here.

I was reading a bit of Herriot last night — do you know of James Herriot? He was an English vet who roamed the English Moors and Dales after WWII caring for animals big and small. He wrote books telling of his life in simple, relatable, and often humorous ways. I do so love his style.

Have you ever been to England or Scotland? I was to England once, a long time ago.

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