# 17. And chores suck.
Brian Goldrich

Hi Brian! This has been a tough weekend for me to write. I have had lots of great activities planned with family and friends. While with them , my mind was on our time together. I felt I did not have time to think of anything worth reading to write about.

Also, I am a slow writer because I am constantly reading over and editing my work. No doubt it takes time.

I have written a number of posts similar to yours today basically saying, “Hey!, Today is not my writing day.” The only bad part is, we post it for the world to see. Maybe it is good though, for others to see the effort. Besides, realistically, not that many are looking…..or maybe that’s just me.:)

I started writing daily for 100 naked words almost 3 months ago. I have not missed a day. For me, it has been transformative. I can feel my mind and spirit growing. I can honestly say it has captured me. On the days I cannot write well, It bothers me.

I have tried my share of things in life and nothing has ever grabbed my attention in the same way.

As for you my friend, I think you should stick with it a bit longer. You write well and share great stories.

If you decide the daily thing is not for you that is well and good, too. Sometimes life has other plans in store. I know you have a job and family which both require time. Wishing you you great success no matter which direction you choose!