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Hi Jim,

The first time I did not write, I felt bad, like I had failed myself. I am getting over that. Some days, 24 hours are not enough to squeeze in what feels like an indulgence to me. Right now, writing is a treat to my spirit that does not visibly affect anybody else. It feels like a decadent treat.

I know that in the long run, it really benefits me, my family and possibly some readers. That benefit is hiding when there is dinner to make, lawn to be mowed, time to spend with family, a paying job to do, etc.

Sometimes we just cannot get out the words in a 24 hour period. I have started writing when I have spare time and inspiration. Sometimes I can write a “bonus” post if time allows. I give thought to saving it for a rainy day, but always end up posting right away. Too excited, I guess. ( Johnson Kee , I probably would have gobbled up that first marshmallow.)

All told, I write a minimum of seven times per week. Some days more than others. I certainly read every day and write on 90% of them.

What do you think? It all balances out right? Giving ourselves an inch of flexibility is way better than quitting.

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