Keeping with the act of writing keeps us connected to the craft, so that when we discover the next source, we’ll be ready to write the heck out of it.
I had a “me, too” moment reading this, Gail. Ugh.
Patrick Faller

Hi Patrick! Thanks for the encouraging response.

I’d compare the ebb and flow to a faucet. This morning it was on — full blast. Ideas were pouring forth and competing for attention faster than I could deal with them. Of course, some were lost.;)

If I wait until evening, it is like the pipes are frozen and I can only get a trickle — drop — or, nothing at all.

I suppose days and weeks could run like that, too. Most days though, I can come up with something.

What really throws me for a loop is a piece that I’m not happy with. It makes me grumpy. “Why can’t I say what I want to say?” my mind yells at itself. Haha! Then I find myself disgruntled and unable to write anything at all.

It’s all worth it for me. I’ve taken a new step into and outside of myself since I started writing and sharing. You, too?