Just so you know, whenever someone refers to me and Seth Godin as “you guys,” my confidence shoots…
Todd Brison

Hi TB! Nice to meet you. You are one of the reasons I am really happy to have found Medium. There are people here talking about real issues in a real way. Our system of education is something I think about often. I am a middle class mom in the Midwest suburbs where some of these things just do not get discussed(at least not in my circles). It seems to me if I said my son was not going to college, people would look at me like I had grown another head. As a freshman in HS, it seems you are either on the college track or tech/trade school track. Nobody presents any other options. If you have the grades you have to be on the college track, right? I have friends who talk about their kids in college who cannot get into a required class which sets them back another semester. $$$$ I have read psychology articles that indicate an 18 year old brain is not developed to point of committing to a career path, yet we encumber these young adults with years worth of debt and a job they might not get or will hate. Not to mention all of the pressure to get the best grades and be the best athlete. Heaven forbid a kid should fail and learn something from it. Who is on a rant now? :) I have so much more to say, but I will close with “thanks for writing”! Your article is certainly at the level of Seth Godin in my opinion.

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