Hola, Gail. Tal vez puedo ayudarte. (Perhaps I can help you)
Cody Holmes

I cannot tell you how excited I was to read your thorough and kind response! Seriously, thank you for showing the corrections….that took you a little time?

It might surprise you to know, I have a college degree in Spanish, gasp! It surprises me. As an explanation for my poor showing, I offer this…

I had 4 years of classes in high school and then tested out of 16 university credits. I only had to take 7 college classes, one per semester, to earn the major. I have not really spoken, listened or written since my last class in 1989. I want to now, though! I am going to check out The Spanish Dude, no doubt. 20 hours, eh? That does not sound overwhelming at all.

Did I read in one of your pieces that you are a teacher by trade? If yes, your students are fortunate to have you!

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