In many ways, I relate my patriotism with you. Of course one obvious difference is there.
Abhishek Labhe

I have never thought of the word patriot in anything but positive terms.

To me, it reflects gratitude for experience and opportunity, a sense of belonging through shared experience and memory — shared goals. I fully understand that in the US, we have become so large and diverse that shared goals seem out of reach. I have no answers. My only personal contribution is to find positives and share them — the little things. That is all I have control over.

I think vitriol and negativity only create greater separation.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch a lot of youth sports teams and coaches. Positive results come easier when the team has continuity, the players truly care about each other’s success, there are no celebrated all-stars and a good leader just facilitates people working to their potential. Haha — I realize I sound like Bruce Peters. If you do not currently follow him, you might want to check out some of his stories.

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