Yoga Criticism. :(

I hear you BHD. For asana, the instructor can make a world of difference. Like everything, yoga in our culture is as much a commercial venture as it is a spiritual one. Many instructors have just a 200 hour certificate with little experience. I have come farther with my asana practice in one year with Sarah than I did in the previous 4. She is very technical and has so many ways to help you visualize how to move and position your muscles. She is the whole package though. She also knows yoga philosophy very well.

Not sure if you read any of my prior yoga posts. Through too much pushing and improper technique, I sustained injury. I gave up asana practice for at least 6 months, but something kept calling me back. I started trying classes at many different studios and then, I found Sarah.

The best book for me on yoga as a complete practice is Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. It is what I read when I gave up asana. Simple daily meditations.

So glad to have you as a Medium friend!