I Just Made a Mistake

It Appears I’ve Gotten Off….

Scot Free

Author’s Photo: There’s a Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar hiding in the picture.

Just yesterday, I had a conversation with my friend Susan. We like to talk about the birds and the bees — the flowers and the trees — you know, nature stuff. Fuzzy white caterpillars were in our chatty mix. Do they signal we’ll have a harsh or mild winter?

Who knows?!

Imagine my delight when I saw the little fellow above creeping along the metal barricade around the basement window well.

Quick! Get your camera!

In the minute it took me to return, Vinny, I named him, had started up a piece of wood.

Heaven only knows why a piece of scrap baseboard is outside in the window well!

See? Here he is:

Author’s Photos

The photos turned out clear, but the background was — ugly.

I picked him up and moved him to a burning bush nearby. I snapped a few pictures. They turned out blurry. The multiped insisted on keeping his head tucked. I was not satisfied.

Here little fellow. Allow me to move you just one more time.

He was having none of it. He clung to the tiny branch as if his underside had been liberally coated with super glue, while I pulled, manipulated and tugged.

Alright! I give up! I’ll work with the photos I have. You win!

Imagine my horror when search results for fuzzy white caterpillar produced this:

Grrrrr!!! Before even opening the link, I went into the house and washed my hands — like twenty times. Each time I sang the whole alphabet. Not really.

A full half an hour has passed since I handled venomous Vinny. I’ve no rash, pustules, nausea, or breathing difficulties. It appears one of two things happened; either his cute fuzzies did not penetrate my skin or I’m immune — this time.

You can bet I’ll not be handling another fluffy, snow-white, caterpillar anytime soon — if ever!

You either, OK?