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I know how I missed this. Michelle Stone and I just discussed it this morning. I was not following you and thought I was. I hate when that happens! Situation corrected.

Wait! That can’t be the reason. You tagged me at the end. No matter. I’ve found it. I truly appreciate it along with the laughter you always gift me.

It took BHD posting for me to clumsily find the very thing I asked for. Sorry!

I am going to make them and you can bet I will share how they turn out. I see some metric to English conversion is necessary. Why, might I ask, do Americans use English and the English use metric??

Thanks Princess Anne! I’ m going to need to pick up some Early Grey. Try to locate fizzy lemonade….what?….and get on with this.

My family needs a quiet, no discussion meal. Is it OK to serve these with soup?

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