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ABCs of Life

Gail Boenning
Jan 31 · 2 min read
© Gail Boenning 2019


Nine letters into the ABCs — I have something to tell you.

The ABCs of Life are not my invention. Many years ago I received a gift — a small plaque that stands with aid from an arm on its back — like a tabletop picture frame. One day when I picked up the pithy list to dust underneath, I recognized its prompt worthy value.

I used to have every letter and its corresponding directive committed to memory. I’d recite the list to myself while walking, or driving, or when I needed something to focus on to take my mind off of something else.

A fine list…

Here I am on letter nine — I — and I recognize I want to be contrarian — again. I bristled a bit at H — Harm No One. And as I thought about what to write for I — Imagine More — I found its instruction flawed.

We all imagine plenty. How many of our imaginings lead down dark, litter strewn roads — what if, we can’t, what’ll they think, it’ll never work?

So instead of imagining more, perhaps we can work on…

Imagining Better

for ourselves and everything we touch.

Gail Boenning

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