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KSM, When I read this last night, I had to close it right away and go do something else. That happens sometimes when people say nice things to me. I just don’t know what to do with it. I guess my inner doubt says, “Nah, that’s not true. You really have no idea what you’re doing.”

I keep learning that what I need to do is look at myself and others objectively. If you had said the nice thing to somebody else, I would have chimed right in.

I think, from a comment you made on my Stairs piece, your thought patterns about self, match mine sometimes. It’s good to be modest, but it’s important we recognize our strengths, too.:)

I want to tell you again — our connection, has been a great teacher to me. The lesson of looking behind the door has been reinforced. Your door is elegant, articulate and well-manicured. Thank you for inviting me in to see the beautiful heart inside.

That sounded really flowery! In simple terms, I like you!! I wish I would have recognized it months ago and walked right up to your door.


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