The cruel irony of the name of this park juxtaposed with your use of the Lakota word that can be…
Ré Harris

Me too Ré!

Have you been to SD? On one day, we visited Crazy Horse, Custer Park and Mount Rushmore.

I’d have to say I was quite disappointed at Crazy Horse. I wanted to know his story, the story of his tribe and the story behind the monument. I felt like the buildings were sprawling and contained a lot of interesting stuff, but I never came across a concise telling of Crazy Horses story. In the last building we entered, I came across a small sign that basically said he was a good strong warrior who was putting up a good fight against the encroaching push west by the American army — that continued to break one treaty after another. It also said he was bayoneted under a flag of truce. I really do not know who runs the monument, but you would think that they should make the history clear. I doubt I was the only tourist who was there wondering about the story.

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