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Mwah! Can I hug you now?

We’ve been a closed bunch, my little family of three. Introverts all, wanting to stand on our own six feet. Sure, we’re close to family and I have two almost life long girl friends at the ready, but we’ve never found the Gracie (Allen) to our George (Burns) as a family. [I loved that black and white show as a kid! Did you watch?]

I have always been able to tolerate a lot, accepting all, but only leaving the door open a crack.

I’ve come to see that is not the best way to live this life…holding people at arms distance. I am no longer afraid of much, including hurt feelings. The roads travelled have been straight and winding at the same time, but I am happy and excited about my current location.

That thing you say about sharing your spouse, I used to be so bad at that….more with activities than people. Always wanting to be involved. Hurt if not included. I’ve been able to let that go, too. Another lesson learned. You go your way. I’ll go mine. I know we’ll meet back at the start.

So how’s that for opening my curtain?;)

Goodnight Gracie!


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