Hmm. It wasn’t meant in that ‘Brutus’ kind of way. I was agreeing with your turn of phrase.
Nalini MacNab

Oh Nalini — that was totally meant as a joke!! It was supposed to make you laugh. Sometimes this writing thing doesn’t come across the way I mean it to.

I am a patriot in the sense of community — not in a sense of separatism.

I believe commonalities — nationally or globally breed a sense of belonging and cooperation.

Somewhere I read about Toyota having synchronized morning exercises for their employees (in Japan, I think) to build a sense of community. Maybe that was in Jonathan Haidt’s book — Why Good People Are Divided By Religion and Politics. The division I see in our country makes me sad — I think we have shifted too far to the side of individualism which is hurting us all.

Anyhow, now it’s my turn to apologize.

Love to you, too!

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