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Savory is the best flavor, hands down!! I’d be happy to mail you some now, as a great big thanks for your encouragement. I have ample supply of that variety left. You could just send me your address through the website — comments section. You could use a few packs as stocking stuffers.:)

We can certainly talk after the first of the year. I appreciate your offer to discuss things with me. You can expect an email on the third of January. Ha!

As to my commitment, it is very strong. If there is potential, I’m all in. Any employer I’ve ever had would vouch for my work ethic.

Ultimate goal? I do not even know the scope of my options. What I love? Meeting people, learning their stories, finding lessons and sharing them.

Are those considered plum stories? For folks who have proved themselves doing less exciting things? I understand if I have to work myself up to that by writing about, oh, the health benefits of seeds.

Or, as a freelancer, do you just need good stories of any variety and some connections? These are the kinds of questions I have. Probably a whole lot more that I haven’t thought of, yet.

I’ll start making a list.

Seriously, don’t be shy about sending me a mailing address!

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