I would have made very quick work of these — but only if they were peppermint-flavored.
Charlotte Franklin

Since you asked — it is one of many things I purchased at the garden center — conveniently located 2 miles down the road. There was a time when buying this or that little thing brought momentary joy. Then, I did a complete about face. I stopped buying just about everything except groceries and started getting rid of anything extraneous. I decided I wanted to live lighter. I like the feeling. And, I’ve only been back to the gc twice since I worked there. It just feels weird and different.

Did you ever watch the show Life with Damien Lewis? He was a cop who was framed, ended up in jail, got released and went back to work in his old precinct. He had a house without furniture or decoration. I liked it.

It’s a great, cerebral show — available on Netflix.:)

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