How do you like your eggs?
Christiana White

Sorry to beat my same drum, but whilst looking for our dollars, anybody can find or create a study to make their product look like it is the best choice. I believe we are now seeing extremism with organic and non-gmo in the market as well. Middle. Stick to the middle. There is peace and serenity in the middle.

Truth is, we all come with an expiration date. We can live in balance sticking to the middle or make ourselves crazy trying to do what others tell us is right. Find out how you like your eggs, right?

I cast my vote for cooking mostly whole foods/not processed yuck, at home, and supplementing with lots of ice cream.:)

Trouble is in our dual income society, many are too tired to cook….or exercise, like just a walk, not a marathon.

Unknowingly, we’ve done this to ourselves. It’s spreading world wide. Happy meals as snacks in Korea, now. Sigh. I just might have to write about that.