Lemon thyme and catnip too.
Michael Kelly

Such an interesting comment Michael.

I spent most of yesterday working in our vegetable garden — which is like a fortress, with an Achilles heel. The rabbits can squeeze through the tiny rectangular spaces in the wire fencing. I’ve decided to add a layer of chicken wire on top of the existing fence. I am hopeful that will solve the problem.

I spend too much time and effort there to let the bunnies come in and decimate it all. They always lop off the climbing peas just when they have started to flower!

The flower beds are unprotected and only deer and rabbit resistant plants survive. There is a small patch of catnip that has shown up in a shady spot under a black walnut tree every year that we have lived here (17 years). When I had a cat, I let it grow. I would pick a couple of leaves and watch her enjoy a trip to her catnip happy place. She was an indoor cat.

She died years ago. I have pulled and dug the catnip up ever since — no cat, no need. Alas, it is more determined than I. This year it has come again as a large mounded clump. I’m leaving it. Maybe the feral cats I see roaming through are enjoying it when I am not looking.

I’ve got spearmint and peppermint, lemon balm, oregano, basil rosemary and thyme. I do not have any sage though.

And you, what do you grow?

Since you are a cat person (profile picture), you might enjoy this story I wrote last spring. I stumbled across it while searching for the link to the garden story.
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